Top 10 Photo Websites – #4 Strobist

My next choice for my (slowly appearing) top ten list of photographic websites is Strobist. This is a technical site, so if you’re not a photographer you may not want to read on. However, this site has been hugely influential for many thousands of photographers such as myself.

Traditionally, artificial lighting has been about either large studio set-ups (expensive) or putting a small flashgun (or using the existing one) directly on your camera (horrible – known as “on-camera flash”). As a more portable option you can purchase slightly less expensive portable setups with fairly heavy batteries. More recently, technological gizmos such as Pocket Wizards have put wireless flash in a price bracket affordable to many serious enthusiasts and professionals (e.g. for the price of a professional camera lens) with the advantage that you can carry your entire camera kit plus lenses plus studio kit in a single bag. For me this is priceless, as I can now set up a discreet two-light studio flash configuration at a wedding or small gig – which hardly anyone will notice is there – and carry the whole thing with my kit to the venue on the train.

The website is put together by David Hobby, who is a working photographer in Maryland in the States. There are over a thousand posts with subjects ranging from what kit to purchase, including stands and accessories, how to use it from a technical perspective, and, most importantly, techniques for lighting different subjects, ranging from sports events to still-life.

This site has been revolutionary in the world of budget photography and for me is the best technical resource out there on the web.

You can access the site (which is in the form of a blog) here. David also tweets as “strobist”.