Winsford Family Photograpy: When Family Portraits Matter More Than Most

A mother hugs her daughter on her birthday

The Hull family have an obvious reason to value family photography more highly than most of us:

“Connor’s death has taught us how precious life is and to cherish those childhood memories that one day we might treasure forever.” [ ... Read More from this story ]

Catrin and David’s Rhayader Wedding and Reception at Broneirion

The bride smiling on the morning of her wedding

  Last April, I photographed Catrin and David’s mid-Wales wedding at the small Catholic church in Rhayader, followed by their big reception for extended family and friends at the beautiful country location of Broneirion in Llandinam. This was my kind of wedding – Catrin and David really understood the value of documentary wedding photography, and [ ... Read More from this story ]

When is a Portrait Not a Portrait? : When it’s a Documentary Portrait


So, you’re thinking of hiring a documentary wedding photographer because you prefer natural photographs over posed ones, and you also feel uncomfortable about the idea of a formal photo shoot. But you’d like a nice photograph of the two of you (and your children if you have any) together. I have the perfect solution for [ ... Read More from this story ]

The Number One Tip For Taking Better Photographs of Your Children

A young boy throws a ball into the air in the garden

  Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in the company of young children will know that, once they have found a behaviour they enjoy, they’ll tend to repeat it over and over again. There’s a well-established theory from behavioural psychology which describes the idea of Schemas.  These are categories of repetitive behaviour that [ ... Read More from this story ]


A girl jumps on the sofa while a boy lies quietly face down on the floor

Sometimes I rather think that I’ve misnamed this business. I’m starting to wonder whether it should be called “Bedlam Photography”. Here’s something that you really don’t get in a photography studio: an authentic moment captured in a photograph. The girl is jumping on the sofa while the boy is calming from a mini-tantrum on the [ ... Read More from this story ]

Wedding Preparations

Wedding at the Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard in London

Why This Photo Matters I’ve always loved photographs where several things are happening at the same time. This adds a sense of motion to an image that is difficult to convey otherwise. Here’s a photo of wedding preparations happening at the Shangri-La hotel in The Shard in London. The bride is having make-up applied near [ ... Read More from this story ]

The Knife

The Knife - Why This Photo Matters

Why This Photo Matters I could easily have chosen to take one of those “traditional” cheesy cutting-of-the-cake photos at this point of the wedding. But it’s far more interesting to show the guests lining up to take their own photos, to bring them into the story. And I was also able to capture the waiter [ ... Read More from this story ]

Dolls’ Shoe


3 Years 6 Months The previous Christmas we had sourced a magnificent Dolls’ House (plus mini-people) for our lad, cleverly thinking that we could encourage his imaginative play (as if we needed to do that). Inevitably, the house hasn’t had a lot of attention so far but when I did leave a pair of these [ ... Read More from this story ]